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DIY projects and renovations have become common place in many Australian homes but when it comes to DIY electrical work, the message is clear - leave it to the experts. DIY electrical is not only dangerous, it’s illegal. Unless you are a qualified electrician you should never attempt to:

  • wire any part of your home
  • install or move powerpoints
  • install or move lights and switches
  • install ceiling fans
  • carry out any electrical maintenance other than changing a light globe
You can access more information about the dos and don’ts of DIY electrical work at

An RCD is an acronym for residual current device also know as a safety switch, and all circuits in a residential situation under law need to be protected by one of these.

If you see steel conduit, cotton insulated, or black insulated cabling you will need us to do an electrical inspection immediately as this type of wiring is dangerous and should be address as a matter of urgency.

We aim to give you a fixed price before we start so there are no surprises, however if its a an electrical fault , prices start from $90 plus GST per hour plus material.

A Level 2 electrician is an electrician who has done additional training . They are also known as an ASP or ‘authorised service provider’ or 'accredited service provider' who are able to reconnect your power by working directly on the power lines between your house or business and the street power lines.

Firstly check to see specifically what is out, is it lights, power , hot water or everything? If its everything you may have a “blackout” , check to see if neighbours have power? If not its potentially a supply issue , contact “Ausgrid” If your neighbours have power call Pro Image Electrical and speak to a friendly electrician.

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